World TTTS Awareness Day is about educating and helping pregnant women, but also about connecting the world to increase awareness. There are many ways in which you can Let Your Voice Be Heard! Start today!

Register for the Matthew and Steven TTTS Walk for the Babies! You can personalize your own fundraising page with a photograph, video, and your personal story. You can let your voice be heard through your page which you can promote to all your friends, family members and online community throughout December. Please register now!

Please use the downloads below to print out official World TTTS Awareness Day logos, public service announcements (PSAíS) to send to TV and Radio Stations, press release to send to newspapers and online sources, TTTS Fact Sheet, Most Important Questions and Explanations, What Kind of Twins Are They Brochure, and media kit to help with personal interviews.

Media guidelines:

  • Identify the Public Service Directors at your local television and radio stations and request that they use our Public Service Announcements (PSAs). Call them after you send the PSA to follow up.
  • Make a media list of all print and broadcast media in your area. Almost all will be listed in your telephone book. Do not overlook smaller weekly or monthly community newspapers that reach citizens in your immediate geographic area and in the multiple birth community.
  • Donít forget online media! This will be the most effective and fastest way to spread the word! Most of your television and radio stations, newspapers and magazines have websites that carry information. The sites usually have their own reporters and editors responsible for creating stories. Find out who they are and add them to your media list.
  • We need to send information online to medical sites, twin club sites, message boards, Facebook and MySpace pages, blogs, event listings and anything else you can think of. You can use the logos below. Also, donít forget to e-mail your friends and family.

Start spreading the word right now!

World TTTS Awareness Day Logos
Register for Matthew and Steven TTTS Walk for the Babies
World TTTS Awareness Day Press Release
World TTTS Awareness Day PSA 10 seconds
World TTTS Awareness Day PSA 15 seconds
World TTTS Awareness Day PSA 30 seconds
TTTS Foundation's TTTS Fact Sheet
TTTS Foundationís 15 Most Important Questions and Explanations
TTTS Foundationís Most Frequently Asked Questions
Media Kit
What Kind of Twins Are They Brochure

World Awareness Day Logo
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