It is crucial to use The TTTS Foundationís 15 Most Important Questions to see where your babies are in the diagnosis of TTTS so you can determine, along with your doctors, the why and when for treatment and when delivery is indicated.

It is so important not to listen to ANYTHING negative that your doctor might tell you about your babies. You have to get second opinions and call at least 3 Laser Treatment Centers. The Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation has helped families with as many as 4 babies, quadruplets, that have gone through TTTS pregnancy and their babies survived. Some doctors recommend to terminate the identical twins in a triplet pregnancy even when the babies are not diagnosed! Being pregnant is such a blessing and being pregnant with multiples is even more so. Donít listen to the doctors who say that there isnít any hope. Fight for your babies and reach out for help. Your babies can make it.

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