Several drugs have been used in TTTS cases for various purposes. These include:

Digoxin Therapy for Fetal Heart Failure: Here doctors give this heart medication as pills to the mother, or inject it directly into the twin that is showing signs of heart failure. Giving this medication may help the heart beat stronger when it is overloaded with blood.

Indomethacin Therapy to Curtail Amniotic Fluid Production: Here doctors also give this mediation to the mother hoping to decrease the urine output in the recipient and lessen the amount of polyhydramious. Indomethacin is an aspirin-like medication (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) with numerous side effects in the baby, one of which is on the kidney where decreased urine production occurs. It is the most powerful drug for treating pre-term labor and is used more often for this purpose in TTTS. When used as a single treatment for TTTS cases, the results have been disappointing.

Tocolytic Medications to Stop Premature Labor: In addition to indomethacin, there are several other drugs that are used in TTTS cases to stop labor.

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